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Hey there. So happy you found me here.

meet kris 300x297 Meet Kris

Here’s the skinny on me.

Who I am and what I do:

My name is Kris Ward, and what I do… it freakin’ LIGHTS ME UP. In a nutshell, I give people the permission, clarity, tools, and action boost they need to start behaving as the engineer of their own lives and careers.

What’s the opposite of nutshell version? Here’s that breakdown:

I’m a yoga teacher, artist, and dancer/choreographer by trade. Online entrepreneur, marketer, speaker, Lifestyle Design Coach™ and conscious evolutionary by way of making that trade more joyful, impactful, profitable, and a truer expression of the real me.

I work with other heart-centered entrepreneurs––people wired a lot like me––who want to be authentically themselves in life and business. They want their true calling to fund their lifestyle of choice, which means they want to fully engage in what I call the ongoing journey of “lucrative self-realization”. I offer private and group coaching that provides the clarity, nourishment, training, and support that they need to make that happen.

How it all started:

I started this work as live events in San Diego, CA. Five years prior, I had been the epitome of my own best client––aching to live my full potential AND a great lifestyle, but working way too hard and missing the clarity on how to work smarter. I was burnt out, close to selling out, and scared that I’d never be able to have the impact I was capable of via a business that stood on its own two feet. I spent nearly a hundred grand (mostly borrowed money) and all 5 of those years studying, apprenticing, and mentoring under people who could give me pieces of the puzzle.

After lots of testing, embarrassing stumbles, some major tweaking, more testing, and eventually some actual success applying what I learned in my own style and flavor, I eventually came to love and understand marketing, entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle Design (i.e. engineering your work and schedule to provide you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, and to feel the way you want to feel, most of the time). Along the way, I especially noticed how utterly dependent successful business and lifestyle design are on our own deep care, self-trust, and self-compassion, three things that ward off the most common forms of self-sabotage––so now my work really focuses on that as well.

Over time, I grew the brand of Abundant Yogi by using marketing and blogging to attract people like me who cared just as deeply about lucrative self-realization. Then, to accommodate my own ever-evolving lifestyle design plan, I adapted our offerings to be predominantly phone and web trainings with occasional in-person retreats for depth and fun.

Why I do what I do:

I love what I do because I get to be me, dancing and grappling with life and business in an honest way. My brand is an authentic representation of who I am when I’m living from “my own leading edge” and deeply entrenched in my own journey of lucrative self-realization. It’s a platform for sharing the best of what I’ve learned, discovered and honed along the way.

“I do this work and share this message
because I can’t NOT do it and still be true to myself.”

What permeates all of my work:

Whether I’m on the phone with a client, teaching a yoga class, or speaking in front of hundreds of people, the only thing I’m ever really doing is reminding people to be precious to themselves––to care enough about themselves and their dreams to put an end to self-sabotage and procrastination (often due to chronic performance anxiety), and finally create the change they’ve always envisioned for themselves. I help people remember their value, beauty, and brilliance, and I show them how everything they desire CAN be theirs if they really want it and are ready to make the decision to create it.

More about Abundant Yogi:

This nourishing training ground was founded to empower my fellow yoga teachers, coaches, wellness professionals, and conscious evolutionaries to create financial, spiritual, and emotional wealth through compassionate entrepreneurship that allows them to do what they love––what comes easily to them, flows out of them, and makes them feel more like themselves, only STRONGER.

Through my proven Lifestyle Design Coaching™ programs, events, interviews and blog, I have the privilege of educating and inspiring thousands of people out of painful conflict around money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love everyday, and be more authentically themselves, more of the time – in life AND in business.

Where you might’ve seen me:

I’ve appeared on Soul Art TV, Conscious Biz TV, and in LA Yoga Magazine; I’ve spoken at Yogahub’s World Yoga Conference, the Yoga Teachers Telesummit, the Holistic Entrepreneurs Authentic Business Summit, the Vibrant Yoga Entrepreneur, the Yogipreneur, the Feminine Business Model, and the Yoga Month Health Festival. I also directed the Global Mala Project – San Diego in 2007-2008.

Where I am and what I’m up to now:

After a decade out west, living mostly in San Diego, California, I now live on the most adorable little island off the coast of South Carolina, close to my roots and my precious family. I’m a proud new member of the Mama’s Club thanks to my baby boy Rhythm Jai entering my world in January 2012. We share our beach house with Saké, our 10 year old squishy-faced Shih Tzu dog and Daddy, my husband and fellow entrepreneur, Kraig Ward, trusted keeper of my heart and founder of the Mindful Marketing Academy.

As for my latest and greatest… three things:

1) I am beyond thrilled that I can now offer others like me the ability to do what I do for a living via my Lifestyle Design Coaching™ Certification. Becoming a coach was a game changer for me, financially AND spiritually – but not right away. It actually took me several years to find the ‘sweet spot’ in all my testing and tweaking of systems and methods for getting and serving clients so that I really could ONLY work with those I adored and with whom I had the capacity to deliver what they truly needed (Win-Win or no deal, right?). Now that I have it down to a solid formula, of course I want to share that. I wish someone like me offering a program this comprehensive would’ve been around when I needed them years ago. (Not really, because then I wouldn’t have created the program.)

2) Secret Sauce Society is relaunching! It includes the aforementioned coaching certification along with private coaching, exotic retreats, a group mastermind, and so much sauciness! Get the full scoop HERE.

3) Best of all, I am overflowing with gratitude and excitement for the honor and privilege to be opening up the doors to my beloved studio for yoga and lifestyle design (a dream I’ve held in my heart and evolved since I was barely 5 years old). While it’s a lot of work getting from concept to finished product and we still have a ways to go, holy shit. I can’t wait. Stay tuned for sneak peeks and previews coming soon…

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