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going bold in your business

How To Do It And Why It Makes All The Difference

Nowadays, errrrbody’s got a website.

We’re all crackin’ out on Facebook, tweeting, blogging, posting comments, and “liking” each others’ posts.

And most entrepreneurs I know, especially if they’re in wellness or education, have a mailing list––people they keep in touch with who follow their work and benefit from their regular updates and insights.

That’s pretty much the name of the game if you own a business and you want to grow your customer base and perpetually turn more POTENTIAL clients into wildly satisfied PAYING clients, right?

So with all these people out there offering the same types of services that you’re offering, how in the hell do you set yourself apart? How do you stand out in the crowd and capture and HOLD the attention of the people you want to work with?

You just gotta be BOLD, that’s how.

bold: –adjective, –er, –est.
 1. courageous and daring
2. beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action
3. imaginative

To best describe to you what BEING BOLD in biz is all about, I had to ask myself:

“When did I start being BOLD in my business? What exactly did I do, and what feedback did I get from my peeps that made me realize I was doing something right?” 

Not to toot my own horn, but toot toot!… I’m kinda wired that way. I tend to lean in the direction of bold pretty consistently when it comes to business, always finding ways to step outside of my comfort zone. For me, that’s what keeps it fun. So I think I’ve always been pretty daring and willing to trust my gut.

trust2 Going Bold In Your Business

But I do remember some advice I took to heart about a year and a half ago that was really scary to implement––at first, anyway. And in particular, I remembered an email I sent out to my list right around this time where I was passing this same advice on to them.

That email got a TON of comments and replies.

I obviously hit some triggers because my inbox was FULL of messages from all the people who felt like they just had to write me back and tell me how much they ATE UP that email.

So I figured it was worth digging up and sharing with you via a fresh new blog post. In case you didn’t get it the first go-round.

Here’s the bulk of it. Beyond just the tips I give you on being more bold and authentic, see if you can pinpoint exactly what makes THIS email bold:

SUBJECT: My Big Aha (You’ll Dig This!)
Last week in my hometown of Columbia, SC, I met my niece, Ella Liv,
for the first time. Fell in love.

Then before that it was NYC for my first Broadway show (which was
spectacular, BTW!)   During my trip I got to network with and learn from
some of the most passionate women entrepreneurs on the planet
(and the ‘Big Aha’ I’m referring to came to me as a result of being with
those women).

So what was my big AHA?

That being a solo-preneur means operating a personality driven brand.
So in order for my brand to come across as the real deal, I gotta be the
real me.

And the more I “let it all hang out” and give myself  full permission to
show up as myself and not waste energy trying to do the square peg –
round hole thing, the more I attract like-minded peeps who are fun to
work with.

And coincidentally, the more I REPEL those who might not be a match
for our little Abundant Yogi tribe.

That’s a good thing.

Whew! Weed’em out and let’em find someone else someWHERE else
who IS a match for them. That way I won’t ever have to stand on my
head to please anyone or pretend to be someone I’m not.

I’ll be free to be me, and those who want to be here will stick around.
Those who don’t, won’t.

‘Cuz I tell you what. I’m not here to preach or convert. And I’m not  here
to win people over just for the sake of having ‘fans’.

I’m here to build community and empower conscious entrepreneurs
like you who are into using your passions to make a difference in the
world while affording yourself the schedule and lifestyle you prefer.

That’s what lights me up.

So what’s your takeaway? 

What is it about my AHA that you can take and apply in your own life
and business to give yourself a new sense of freedom, playfulness
and authenticity (AND save yourself the trouble of having to deal
with ‘disagreeables’––ya know, the people who get on your email list
just to tell you they think you suck)?

A couple pointers: 

1. Say what you think and feel. Not what you think your peeps WANT
you to think and feel.

2. Don’t try to be too polished or formal. Don’t say anything to your
clients/students that you wouldn’t say to a friend you were hangin’ out
on the couch with.

3. If you want your tribe to let YOU into their lives, allow you to take up
some of the space in their email inbox, and happily pay you for sharing
your best gifts and talents with them, you’ve got to let them in first.
Which means…. share all parts of you, not the one part you think is
relevant to your tribe’s common interest. For instance, if you’re a yoga
teacher and you think you’re “supposed” to fit that mold in a particular
way and only talk about “yoga stuff”––respect your roots and traditions––
but make your own mold. (That means even if you’re into mud wrestling
and you have a thing for unicorns… don’t be shy.) When it feels right,
share a little about your interests and your personal life with your peeps.
It will help them feel more connected to you.

4. Be willing to share some vulnerabilities. Perhaps a story about
challenges you’ve personally experienced. BUT (and this is a big BUT!),
when you do, make sure it’s AFTER the fact. Never drag them through
the drama with you. Wait until you’re FAR BEYOND the sticky-icky before
you unload on them. That way when you DO share, you can also share
a powerful tool or solution and turn it into a lesson or teaching that they
can implement if and when they come up against a similar challenge.

5. Whenever possible, be present. Pay less attention to the “monkey
mind” which runs incessantly in the background (you know the one––it’s
always busy “making meaning” about everything we experience,
comparing it to past and future, taking us OUT of the present reality).
Start paying MORE attention to your breath, your surroundings, the
people you’re with, what you’re feeling in your body, etc. Your connection
to Source will be stronger that way. And only then can you truly influence
positive and powerful change.

When you let yourself be YOU––flaws, quirks and all… you give others
around you permission to do the same. And that makes you magnetic.

Start weaving these pointers into your communication this week. Watch
how much people enjoy letting your magnetism and openness rub off
on them.

So what about that email was bold? Can you put your finger on it?

What about that piece of communication might make me stand out amongst a crowd of other yogis and lifestyle design coaches?

Did you get any ideas about how you can be more bold in your approach?

I’m dying to hear how this helped you and what steps you’re going to take toward being more bold in YOUR biz.

One thing I can PROMISE you is this:
The more raw, real and BOLD you’re willing to be, the more FUN you’ll have, AND the more rewarding and successful your business will be. Funny how that works.

Being present and telling the truth could be the very meaning of life. icon smile Going Bold In Your Business

If you liked this, spread the love and share with like-minded friends. And be sure to leave me a comment and let me know your plan for goin’ BOLD in your biz.

Love you!


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