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Progress is Almost Never Linear


A few months ago, a colleague of mine, Tad Hargrave, asked me to review the manuscript of a book he’d been working on entitled The Niching Spiral. Which is genius. It maps out a 7 step common sense approach to identifying one’s best niche – the narrow area of expertise that will be the most fun, profitable and worthwhile to hone in on business-wise. I got a sense of the premise right as I read the opening quote by Hermann Hesse: “We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.” The book goes on to debunk the myth that the act of finding one’s perfect niche can be approached in a linear way, as in: You can go from Point A of “no niche” to Point B of “clearly pinpointed lifelong niche” in a straight line and in a short period of time. That simply isn’t true. And… …

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un


A couple of months ago I wrapped up the second iteration of my beloved Secret Sauce Society, a 9 month mastermind program combining intimate, incredibly raw and transformative group and one-on-one coaching with delicious, adventurous and deeply nourishing self-care retreats. I’ll always have a place in my heart for the 10 women I selected to be in this group. They were a perfect fit for each other on every possible level. While they were wildly different –– which I LOVE, and which was by design –– they did have one major thing in common: Desire. Unleashed, brave desire. The kind of desire that could move mountains. And it did. This video is a tribute to you, my saucy sisters. YOU, your hustle AND your soft, gooey center. {Click the video below to watch.} It was an honor to have been let into your world the way each of you let me in. Thank you for letting your desire LIVE and …

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How To Resolve Conflict And Create Forward Movement In Any Relationship

Part II

In Part I to this post I told you about a life, business and relationship lesson I’ve had to learn (and re-learn) over and over again, and I shared that lesson’s resulting “secret formula” that I now use whenever I’m in need of conflict resolution and getting back to love and productivity in any given relationship. I’ll reiterate that secret formula again here, but only after I fulfill on my promise to you, which was to tell the story of one of my own most recent re-learnings of the lesson. Here’s the story. My husband loves adrenaline. He’s a rock climbing, skydiving, skateboarding, kiteboarding, bungee jumping daredevil, and he’s not about to give it up just because he’s now a daddy. He thrives in the mountains, loves hiking, and really REALLY misses living where it’s not flat. Me? I like the mountains too, but I’ll take tropical beaches and warm weather over snowy peaks any day! We lived in San …

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How To Resolve Conflict And Create Forward Movement In Any Relationship


Have you ever noticed there are some lessons you seem destined to have to learn again and again? I have. What I’m about to lay out for you is a lesson I recently re-learned (for the umpteenth time). I’ve found it to be the secret to (almost) instant healing and productivity in any relationship. Clients, colleagues, parents, children, siblings, friends, spouses, business partners… it applies to all of them. The one kicker? You really do have to care – genuinely care – about the relationship. So long as you do, this should work as well for you as I’ve seen it work for me and so many others time and time again. While this lesson is no walk in the park to learn (evidently it requires lots of repetition), I know from experience it’s one of the most life- and business-altering lessons there is. Every time I re-learn this relationship lesson and rediscover this “secret formula”, I notice three things: …

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Here’s The Golden Question


I have to say, I love totally random but really meaningful, heartfelt thank you’s. In fact, I think they’re the best thing EVER. I want to share one that just landed a few days ago because I think it contains GOLD. A golden question, that is. Decide for yourself if you agree. –––––––––––––––––––––––––– Hello Goddess, Over a year ago, I was one of those people you gave an hour of your time to (via a free coaching session) who did not sign up for your coaching program. Perhaps I got tossed into the “not ready / not clear / can’t afford this” file. Because, well… I wasn’t, and, yeah…. yougetthepoint. I just wanted to let you know that the conversation – the high mileage, uncomfortable questions you asked brought light to areas that needed it. You dug in to places that have never been dug into. You specifically asked me: “Is not having enough money to do the things you …

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