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Money Maturity

by Kris Ward


A free class on upping your money game from right where you are

Be honest: When you think of money, do you get an instant “love rush”.... or do you immediately cringe and go into avoidance mode? Regardless of how you answered that and how financially self-sufficient and free (or so very NOT free) you feel… Your relationship with money can improve in a major way, starting today, and with less effort than you might think. If you’re truly ready for what I...
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Why I Resist Writing Blog Posts

by Kris Ward


But write them anyway

It’s no secret that I’m on again off again with writing blog posts. That’s the first thing I divulge to new subscribers on the Abundant Yogi list. I tell them: Be prepared. I go in waves. Because the truth is, I resist the shit out of writing and putting my guts out there publicly. I…

Bringing Mantras Back

by Kris Ward


How to train your brain so you can feel the way you want and direct your energy like a boss

Not long ago, I had a miscarriage. Mind you, this happened just as several other ridiculously heavy BOMBS landed on my plate. Years ago, something like this might’ve taken me out. Not now. Not this time. I was sad, and I definitely felt a sense of loss. I grieved for a person I never knew,…

Progress is Almost Never Linear

by Kris Ward


Why understanding this can bring immense clarity and spare you from years of heartache

A few months ago, a colleague of mine, Tad Hargrave, asked me to review the manuscript of a book he’d been working on entitled The Niching Spiral. Which is genius. It maps out a 7 step common sense approach to identifying one’s best niche – the narrow area of expertise that will be the most…

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un

by Kris Ward


And did we ever!

A couple of months ago I wrapped up the second iteration of my beloved Secret Sauce Society, a 9 month mastermind program combining intimate, incredibly raw and transformative group and one-on-one coaching with delicious, adventurous and deeply nourishing self-care retreats. I’ll always have a place in my heart for the 10 women I selected to…

How To Resolve Conflict And Create Forward Movement In Any Relationship

by Kris Ward


No matter how hard or impossible it may seem in the present

Have you ever noticed there are some lessons you seem destined to have to learn again and again? I have. What I’m about to lay out for you is a lesson I recently re-learned (for the umpteenth time). I’ve found it to be the secret to (almost) instant healing and productivity in any relationship. Clients,…

Here’s The Golden (Money) Question

by Kris Ward


And the goal (for starters)

I have to say, I love totally random but really meaningful, heartfelt thank you’s. In fact, I think they’re the best thing EVER. I want to share one that just landed a few days ago because I think it contains GOLD. A golden question, that is. Decide for yourself if you agree. –––––––––––––––––––––––––– Hello Goddess,…

Forget Everything Else

by Kris Ward


Here’s the only real “secret” to success and happiness

Forgive my I, I, I-ness for a second while I lay a foundation here. I coach all day long… Supporting people in very intimate ways through overcoming their fears; conquering their bad habits; seeing their blind spots; realizing, owning and expressing their truth, talents and hearts; embracing the chaos; dropping the drama; and finding ways…