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forget everything else

here’s the only real “secret” to success and happiness

Forgive my I, I, I-ness for a second while I lay a foundation here. I coach all day long… Supporting people in very intimate ways through overcoming their fears; conquering their bad habits; seeing their blind spots; realizing, owning and expressing their truth, talents and hearts; embracing the chaos; dropping the drama; and finding ways to live a grounded, authentic and abundant life that feels good to them. I have countless game-changing tools and practices for getting from confusion to clarity or from overwhelm to order. I customize program after program including the right combinations of these tools and practices, in the right order, for the right person. Because we’re all so different. No we’re not. We’re all the same. If you were to see into my world and all the shifts and transformations and breakthroughs and awakenings and liberations and launches and reboots I’ve had the privilege of helping to facilitate… You’d no doubt have the same tendency that …

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how to let go of the non-coachable complainers (aka shitty a-hole clients)


No matter who you are… no matter how much talent and courage you infuse into your work… No matter how many years you’ve hustled to build a name for yourself and how much of your heart and soul you pour into your offerings for your clients / students / customers, there’s always gonna be the small percentage of people who won’t be satisfied and they’ll beat you down for it. Every few years we’ll meet one or two of them. They’re like nasty weeds – they’ve just got to GO!  They’re the non-coachable complainers, AKA shitty a-hole clients. Ah, what lovely contrast they provide. If we can remember the sentiments shared here, dealing with them will suck a little bit less AND we’ll be able to transmute the negativity of all of it into powerful learning and a whole new level of self-trust and self-valuing. Here’s what you need to know about them: They make a lot of assumptions and they …

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when to let go of the entrepreneurial dream


I have a client I just gave some pretty radical advice to, and it changed everything. In one call she went from forcing, resisting, feeling like a failure, and constantly beating up on herself for not devoting enough time and energy to the building of her life coaching business, to feeling relief, hope, clarity, and greater self-acceptance right where she is––business or no business. Whenever these big breakthroughs happen, I either write a blog post about them or infuse the aha’s into my programs so that more people can get free. Here goes with the blog post about my client (and YOU, and ME, and well… all of us that give a shit about this topic): Girl experiences life, and life stimulates girl to birth a powerful desire for sustainable joy and freedom in her work, relationships, schedule, and finances. Girl meets yoga and all kinds of other philosophies, tools, and outlets for personal development and starts living her life …

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5 Ways to Feel Good About Your Relationship with Money

A GUEST BLOG FROM Kate Northrup, author of the new book, Money: A Love Story

You’re going to interact with money every day pretty much for the rest of your life. For most people, money is a cause of stress, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, and worry. But what if your relationship with money were a source of joy, positivity, and even love? Since we have to deal with money on a daily basis, why not make it feel good? After all, we tend to make decisions in our lives based on moving toward what feels good and moving away from what doesn’t. If we know that what we put our attention on grows, then we need to put our attention on our money if we want it to grow (from a making, giving, and receiving perspective). If we make putting our attention on our money feel good, then we’ll be more likely to do it! Here are 5 practical ways to feel better in relationship to your money (so that you’ll be way more likely …

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i am a fake


When we’re in a career where we’re expected to represent: balance, vibrant health, clarity, self-care, and well-being, But our own rituals for well-being are the first to be neglected when work and life get busy… It can leave us feeling like a fake. We get down on ourselves for not being a shining example of practicing what we preach. Then, because we don’t feel so great about ourselves, we don’t promote our work as confidently. We don’t feel authentic and we don’t feel as proud as we should of the important work we do. People can tell we’re holding back. Something is off. Our light is dimmed. Then we become less attractive to our ideal clients. We have to work harder and harder to get the clients we need. And when we DO get clients, we’re so scared we’ll lose them, we start giving discounts, trying harder and harder to please them. They sense our desperation and it’s a turn …

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