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Money Maturity

by Kris Ward


A free class on upping your money game from right where you are

Be honest: When you think of money, do you get an instant “love rush”.... or do you immediately cringe and go into avoidance mode? Regardless of how you answered that and how financially self-sufficient and free (or so very NOT free) you feel… Your relationship with money can improve in a major way, starting today, and with less effort than you might think. If you’re truly ready for what I...

How To Decide What To Do When You Grow Up

by Kris Ward


Ask yourself these questions

Are you 100% certain about the work you want to do in this world? Most of us aren’t. Especially because our ideal work can change so much over the years (or even months) as we evolve. So… if, right now, you don’t know exactly what your calling is, or you’re having a hard time narrowing…

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Why I Resist Writing Blog Posts

by Kris Ward


But write them anyway

It’s no secret that I’m on again off again with writing blog posts. That’s the first thing I divulge to new subscribers on the Abundant Yogi list. I tell them: Be prepared. I go in waves. Because the truth is, I resist the shit out of writing and putting my guts out there publicly. I…

Bringing Mantras Back

by Kris Ward


How to train your brain so you can feel the way you want and direct your energy like a boss

Not long ago, I had a miscarriage. Mind you, this happened just as several other ridiculously heavy BOMBS landed on my plate. Years ago, something like this might’ve taken me out. Not now. Not this time. I was sad, and I definitely felt a sense of loss. I grieved for a person I never knew,…